Be mellow… BE VERY MELLOW!

Not just another blogshop.

Terms and Conditions March 5, 2008

  • Sorry, we don’t do swapping.
  • Enquire about the validity of item(s) before ordering.
  • It is best that you clear all your doubts regarding the item(s) before you place your order.
  • Items may be out of stock without prior notice.
  • It may take 4-5 days to do remakes.
  • Prices are fixed. No bargain. No haggling.
  • No exchange, no refunds.
  • No reservation is allowed. You want it, buy it! Email us!! =))
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    4 Responses to “Terms and Conditions”

    1. JanNah AnN Says:

      oh hello. nice web here. But those pretty things are wat exactly? Brooches? If they are I want some of them!

    2. marshamellow Says:

      Thank you! =))
      Oh yar…We forgot to state that the PRETTY THINGS are brooches.

      Dare to be different?
      Wear our brooches! 😉

    3. hally Says:

      oh my goodness. your brooches are so beautiful and unique. I have a hard time shortlisting the ones I like!

    4. marshamellow Says:

      thank you very much for the compliment! take your time to choose…but remember, the brooches won’t be here for long! =D

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